27 Views of Raleigh

The City of Oaks in Prose & Poetry

Featuring Angela Davis-Gardner, G.D. Gearino, Kelly Starling Lyons, Grayson Currin, Bridgette Lacy, Rob Christensen, & many more

Introduction by Wilton Barnhardt

News & Observer review & excerpts, 22 Sept. 2013


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27 Views of Raleigh

27 VIEWS of RALEIGH:  The City of Oaks in Prose & Poetry, is a hometown anthology, featuring the work of twenty-seven (plus two) Raleighites who

create a literary montage of North Carolina's capital city in fiction, essays, and poetry. Novelists, poets, essayists, journalists, and even a science fiction writer   capture   the   city   in   a   variety   of   genres—spanning neighborhoods, generations, cultural and racial experiences, historic eras—reflecting   the   social,   historic, and creative fabric of Raleigh. As Wilton Barnhardt writes in the book's introduction, “We seem to have flourished not because we have solved all the problems of the New South, despite leading the way now and again, but because we the citizens of Raleigh decided to beerudite, cultured, enriched, and entertained . . ."

27 Views of Raleigh is the fifth book in Eno Publishers's 27 Views series that features the literary communities of contemporary Southern towns. The initial book was the award-winning 27 Views of Hillsborough, followed by books about Durham, Chapel Hill, and Asheville.


Betty Adcock, Wilton Barnhardt, Rob Christensen,

Jimmy   Creech,   Grayson   Haver   Currin,   Tina   Haver   Currin,   Angela

Davis-Gardner,   G.D.   Gearino,   Hillary   Hebert,   Scott   Huler,   Tracie

Fellers, Tom Hawkins, John Kessel, Bridgette A. Lacy, Amanda Lamb,

Dorianne   Laux,   Dana   Wynne   Lindquist,   Kelly   Starling   Lyons,

Margaret Maron, Sheila Smith McKoy, Lenard D. Moore, Juliana M.

Nfah-Abbenyi,   Elaine   Neil   Orr,   Peggy   Payne,   David   Rigsbee,  

Liza Roberts, June Spence, Eleanora E. Tate, Andrea Weigl

Paperback, $15.95

ISBN 978-0-9832475-5-5