eno publishers


Eno Publishers is a nonprofit publisher dedicated to producing high-quality books in all formats about the culture and history of the Carolinas and the South. From the arts and the region’s imaginative cuisine to its much storied and complicated past to the environment and the way we live in it, the South is fertile ground for publishing. Eno looks forward to publishing several books each year that explore exciting and creative aspects of life in this region.

Housed in Hillsborough, North Carolina, Eno takes its name from the river that snakes through this colonial town, and that has drawn people to settle along its banks for at least 700 years, this having been a thriving native American post long before Europeans arrived.

Hillsborough is a perfect publishing home. Among the many creative souls who call Hillborough home are such celebrated writers as Lee Smith, Michael Malone, Allan Gurganus, David Payne, Craig Nova, Jill McCorkle, and Randall Kenan, to mention but a few.

Eno Publishers was incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2008. Contributions to our publishing program are ecstatically welcomed!



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