27 Views of Greensboro: The Gate City in Prose & Poetry

27 Views of Greensboro: The Gate City in Prose & Poetry

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Introduction by Marianne Gingher

27 VIEWS of GREENSBORO: The Gate City in Prose & Poetry, an anthology of the city once known for textile mills and as a train hub, now known for diversity, education, and sports. Twenty-seven journalists, novelists, poets, and essayists offer a broad and varied picture of life, present and past, in the Southern city—from the city’s brief stint as capital of the Confederacy to stories of its famous and less well-known civil rights protests, from reflections on Greensboro's overwhelming growth to a profile of the man who created Vicks VapoRub.

Authors appreciate Greensboro’s cultural richness and vitality, yet do not shy away from its ongoing struggles: cultural, political, and economic. 27 Views is “part personal history, part fact, part fiction, part reminiscence, part advocacy, part deconstruction, part inquisition, part celebration,” says Marianne Gingher, the novelist and almost-lifelong resident who writes the book’s introduction. “In delightfully variant voices, these twenty-seven writers deliver a chorus of resonant impressions, insights, and clear-eyed truths about Greensboro as they have known it.”


Michael Parker | Maria C. Johnson | Edward Cone | John Robinson | Allen Johnson | Drew Perry | Ann Deagon | Fred Chappell | Diya Abdo | Lee Zacharias | Tina Firesheets | Jeri Rowe | Quinn Dalton | Linda Beatrice Brown | Logie Meachum | Tina Firesheets | Val Nieman | Jim Dodson | Steve Mitchell | Josephus III | Richard Zweigenhaft | Lorraine Ahearn | Veronica Grossi | Marianne Gingher | Katie Saintsing | Mark Smith-Soto | Jim Schlosser | Ashley Kaufman | Stuart Dischell | Jeri Rowe

Paperback, 200 pages; ISBN 978-0-9896092-1-0

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