27 Views of Wilmington

27 Views of Wilmington


27 Views of Wilmington

The Port City in Prose & Poetry


Introduction by Celia Rivenbark


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27 Views of Wilmington: The Port City in Prose & Poetry, which showcases the literary life of one of North Carolina’s most popular cities. Twenty-seven Wilmington authors and poets contribute their “views” to this local anthology, capturing the city, both present and past. They offer a broad and varied picture of the Port City—from its natural beauty to its influx of newcomers to its efforts to come to terms with its past racial violence to personal histories woven into the fabric of the community.


National best-selling humorist Celia Rivenbark writes the introduction, and among the contributors are John Jeremiah Sullivan, Karen Bender, Jason Mott, Nan Graham, Rhonda Bellamy, Emily Louise Smith, Philip Gerard, Susan Block, Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams, Bertha Boyd Todd, Michael White, and many others.


“At the end of the day,” writes Rivenbark, “when the sunsets on the river or salt marsh attain a shade of pink-gold that only filmmakers whose Kickstarter campaigns have done very well seem to get just right, Wilmington’s s charm lies in its oddball blend of old and new, rural and urban, chic and casual.”



Celia Rivenbark

Sheila Webster Boneham

Nan Graham

Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams

Marlon Moore

Philip Gerard

Susan T. Block


Melodie Homer

Wiley Cash

Rhonda Bellamy

Jason Mott

Kevin Maurer

Bertha Boykin Todd

Dana Sachs

Virginia Holman

John Jeremiah Sullivan

Emily Louise Smith

Ashley Wahl

Michael White

Karen E. Bender

Emily A. Colin

James Leutze

Jean Jones

Wendy Brenner

Robert Anthony Siegel

Daniel Norris

Jason Frye

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